Jeannie was the eldest of a family of ten in country NSW in the early 1920’s.  Times were tough and families survived sometimes on very little, but there was always that great country Australian hospitality of being able to put another cup of water in the stew to make it go around accommodating another hungry mouth.  To share what you had even when it wasn’t much. This was the way we were raised – to share.  Hopefully we live up to what our parents and grandparents instilled in us. This year we are concentrating on Cambodia and Australia.


In Cambodia we give to an organisation called the Angkor Well Project.  In Siem Reap where the world famous Angkor WatKol Village well is located poverty is entrenched in much of the outer countryside away from the tourist hub.  The Well Project brings what we take for granted – clean water.  We have been assisting there for the last three years and have been able to build a number of wells.  These wells are generally located between neighbours so that more than one family can benefit.  We work with a gentleman who has now built over 1300 of these wells with no subsidy from the government, no handouts just the generosity of strangers who care to make a difference and a fierce determination by this quietly spoken man to make a change in the lives of his countrymen.  Can you imagine what fresh water does for a family other than just the sheer convenience of running water? It means that kids don’t have to walk for miles for water which often proved to be unsafe, and clean water certainly promotes better health and lessens water borne diseases. Of course this doesn’t mean luxury as the greater percentages of these people still don’t have electricity. These wells can be built for as little as $490.00.   If you are interested in helping this organisation directly please go to  We have honoured a number of our departed loved ones by donating a well in their names including Jeannie and her husband Alfred who wrote the words My Darling Jeannie.


Closer to home and very dear to our hearts is Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids, and we will be contributing toRev Dr Ian Mavor and Deirdre Hanna both. These organisations were founded by Deidre Hanna and her husband the Late Rev. Ian Mavor (OAM). Hopewell Hospice is a home-style residential facility that gives the most incredible palliative care to people at the end of their lives.  Jeannie and Alfred both left this earth from this beautiful place. The care and genuine love given to the residents and their families is nothing less than incredible. Paradise Kids helps children who are dealing with grief, loss and illness while also offering support and counselling to the families. We are only just touching on their services so please read all about these commendable organisations on their websites.