Around the year 2696 BC Empress His Ling Shi, wife of Emperor Huang Ti or the Yellow Emperor was sitting Hui_Tsungtaking tea in her garden when a cocoon fell from a mulberry tree into her tea and unravelled. She was fascinated as she saw that the lustrous thread was both strong and soft.  Being a clever woman the Empress discovered how to combine the silk fibres into a thread and she went on to invent a loom that could combine the threads into a soft cloth.

Wearing silk was at first reserved for royalty and then was extended to the noble class with lower classes being forbidden to wear it. Smuggling silk worms over the border or sharing the knowledge of silk production would result in execution.  However the secret was out in 550AD when two monks managed to smuggle some silkworm eggs in their bamboo walking sticks out of the country.

Today women and men all over the world dress in this luxurious fabric. Silk is a fascinating natural fabric.  Silk because of its protein structure is the most hypoallergenic of all natural fibres.  It has natural temperature regulating properties creating the ability to both warm and cool.  This means that your beautiful silk kaftan is perfect for winter; just team it up with boots and leggings giving it an edgy look.  Summer will have you feeling cool and comfortable, with its ability to absorb moisture without you feeling damp. The softness and lustrous beauty of this fabric will take you anywhere – anytime.

Your silk garment is delicate and should be treated accordingly.