My Darling Jeannie exemplifies romance, love and luxury.  When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful.  And when you wear a My Darling Jeannie My Darling Jeannie - Marine Reflections Silk Playsuityou look and feel like a princess.  The tactile, sensual silk floats on your skin and you actually feel like you’re barely wearing anything at all.  For the perfect finish, each of our stunning garments is adorned with quality crystals and beading that dance to add light and elegance as you move.

Our collections each have distinct personality from soft, feminine lines to bold, vibrant prints. There may be one you’re drawn to that suits your character.  Or you may need all of them – one for each of your personalities!  And when you buy a My Darling Jeannie you’re ensured exclusivity with each timeless collection being limited in number.

Each of our garments is a work of art using the very best silk and embellishments.  They are hand crafted by passionate and skilled artisans to create eye-catching, luxurious garments.  Each of these masterpieces will enhance your wardrobe and be coveted by all your friends.

But please don’t keep My Darling Jeannie a secret.  The love and luxury should be shared to spread the blissful feeling looking beautiful evokes.