Love is in the air

Romance is certainly in the air at the present time and the dream of most little girls of marrying a prince is at least becoming reality for one young lady.   Today I was pleased to hear from one of the recent designers of a royal wedding dress that he would drape Ms Markle in silk crepe which is exactly the choice of silk used for our My Darling Jeannie silk kaftans and dresses.

While heavy brocades and satins are glorious, silk is a fabric that emits romance with its luxurious and tactile feel, the way it glides over the body and moves seductively with each step.  Silk is so breathable for those moments when your prince scoops you into his arms and crushes you against him.    It’s so perfect for packing for that honeymoon cruise through the Greek Islands, jetting to Morocco or sailing to our beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

We would like to wish all the princes and princesses marrying today our sincere wishes for the most wonderful lives together and to our dear friend Princess Nadeine who is marrying her Prince this afternoon we wish her a world of happiness.

Gloria xx











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Mother’s Day – my favourite day of the year!

It’s better than my birthday.  It’s even better than Christmas.  I LOVE Mother’s Day and always have.  As a family we always gather on Mother’s Day to celebrate together, share sweet gifts, heartfelt cards, but most importantly each other’s company.

I still remember as a little girl each year at school we’d have our Mother’s Day stall, and visiting the display was always so exciting. As I approached the treasure trove of nicknacks and whatnots I’d have butterflies in my tummy hoping I’d find the perfect gift.  The gift that would make Mum smile and wrap me in a big warm hug.  One year I remember buying Mum an ashtray (Lordy I can’t even imagine that now!), so I probably didn’t get it right every single year.

Our family Mother’s Days included my Nan (Jeannie) of course.  She was the centre of all our world’s.  Cherished and loved so deeply. So Mother’s Day has become a day of mixed emotions.  Bittersweet. But she’s in our hearts always and she’ll be watching on as we have breakfast together this Sunday, sending her love down from above.

Nowadays I still love spending Mother’s Day with my Mum, but it’s become even more precious to me since I became a Mum myself.  My daughter Poppy is my best achievement, so Mother’s Day is the day when I guess I celebrate myself too.  Not because I think I’m the world’s best mum…It’s a tough gig and I don’t always get it right…But because I feel so proud that I made a little human who is full of joy (well, most of the time) and potential viagra generico italia.  When you create life and become a mother you also create unconditional love.  That love is so powerful and wonderful that it overwhelms you with euphoria. And that is why Mother’s Day is my favourite day of the year.

So this Sunday our My Darling Jeannie family wishes all mothers and maternal souls, on Earth and above, a truly wonderful Mother’s Day.