Silk Garments
The My Darling Jeannie collections are crafted with fine quality silk.  Due to the delicate nature of the silk, crystals, gems and other embellishment we recommend laundering by a trusted and reputable dry cleaner only who specialises in silk laundering.

After wearing your My Darling Jeannie we suggest that you hang it allowing it to air lire.  You will find that because of the natural properties of the silk that this is normally all it needs before its next wear to remove creases or odours. Please do not spray perfume onto the fabric as stale perfume clings and may necessitate unnecessary drycleaning.  It’s also wise to be mindful of your jewellery as some may snag the silk.

If you wish to press your garment please only use the silk setting on your iron.  Do not press, steam or heat the embellishments on either side of the fabric.  Steaming is an alternative method of removing creases but once again no heat to the embellishment.

Non-silk Garments
Please follow the care instructions on your products care label.

Because our garments include hand beading and crystal work there may be slight irregularities.  These should not be considered flaws but the nature of their hand made beauty.  It is probable with wear that some embellishment will come off.  Supplied with your garment are extra stones in case of loss which can be applied with care using a good quality fabric glue.